Gail Ann, LPN, Reiki Master, Reflexologist


May You Find Peace
In Your Soul

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I am an LPN providing nail care, nurse visits, reflexology and Reiki treatments, both in my home and in yours. My purpose on this earth is to heal - myself, the earth, and others.

This site is a compilation of all I've experienced and learned over the years - a wonderful place of information sharing as well as offering healing and inspiration to any in need. This website is the host for my current work, as well as several amazing subsites I've created over the years, which include:

  • "Nature's Healing Elixir" - Healing oil mixture
    This is a special recipe I discovered after years of study. It has helped me and hundreds of others find healing. May you all be blessed in your life in all you do, and may we all find healing.
  • Richters Herb - My favorite source for getting herb plants, seeds, or dried product if it's something I can't grow. The quality of their plants and how they mail them is the best I've ever received. Wonderful source for rare seeds. Being that I'll be working on so many pages to encourage you to grow and use your own herbs, I thought it very important to include a link to how you can find these herb - plants, seeds, and dried product. The other herbal links I have - for Native Remidies - gives you access to purchase actual finished product, ready to use for various healing needs for you and your animals. Both sites are amazing in what they have to offer.

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